Nadén's furniture is made in their carpentry workshop, which is half an hour east of Gothenburg and about an hour from Vänersnäs. Since the start in 2016, Nadén Workshop has also interiors and custom made projects for private homes, companies and exhibitions.

Nadén uses wood that grow naturally on Vänersnäs and in its vicinity. Pine, oak and birch are the most common, but various species of precious trees are found among them, and, from time to time, also feature in or even inform Nadén’s production. Instead of seeking the perfection and alignment typical of the industrial era, Nadén use wood from the whole log, embracing its variety and richness of expression in their furniture.

Since solid wood is the starting point for all their manufacturing – and in many cases the only material – they constantly seek to identify elements, such as joining, bending or solutions for flat packages that can be done in house. Therefore, inspiration often comes from folk traditions when only materials from surrounding forests, rather than from a global construction market, were available.