At the far end of Vänersnäs – a peninsula that runs 25 kilometers due north into Lake Vänern – is Vänersnäs Eka. A so-called closer-to-nature forestry is carried out here, with selective felling of mature trees and natural regrowth, sawmills and planing mills. This is shared with manured arable land and game stocks, which are just as carefully managed. The forests on Vänersnäs Eka form the basis of Nadén’s production.

Vänersnäs Eka’s new sawmill is made up of a saw and a planer, with drying facilities under construction. When sawing, consideration is given to which parts of the log are best suited for the different parts in the production. This means that instead of sawing to conventional dimensions (1 inch, 2 inches, etc), the log is sawn in a way that leaves as little waste as possible. What little remains is used to heat the facility and for drying. The sawdust is removed to a nearby stable.